Advancing skilled craft professionals for the maritime industry.

The National Maritime Education Council (NMEC) is a membership-based, industry-driven trade association working to develop and sustain a formal workforce development system to provide a pipeline of skilled workers for the maritime industry.  Working through NCCER, our partner, NMEC is developing standardized, performance-based curricula and assessments that will result in portable skill credentials.  Craft professionals’ credentials will be tracked through a national registry hosted by NCCER.


Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, standardized, nationally recognized, and universally available workforce development system that will lead to a pipeline of highly trained and productive workers while reducing costs for the maritime industry.


NMEC will lead the Maritime industry in the development, promotion, and quality of shipyard craft training.

Key Goals

  1. Establish an industry-wide, comprehensive, standardized, training and credentialing system for the maritime workforce.
  2. Develop a pipeline of skilled craft professionals trained and credentialed through an industry-driven, uniform process.
  3. Improve outcomes for the maritime industry by developing better skilled, safer, more productive workers.