Message from the Chair

A Message from the Chair…

One of the critical challenges facing the maritime industry is the lack of technically skilled workers–a challenge that continues to grow as our current workforce ages and we compete with other industries for a dwindling pool of workers. In light of these and other issues related to workforce training, members of the maritime industry have come together and formed the National Maritime Education Council (NMEC). Our objective is to establish a formal maritime workforce development system—tailored to our industry–one that includes standardized curricula, formal assessments, and portable skill credentials–to provide a pipeline of skilled workers for our industry.
Established in 2012, the mission of NMEC is simple: to lead the maritime industry in the development and sustainment of a national workforce program. Working through NCCER–a leader in training standardization for construction, pipeline, energy, and other industry sectors–NMEC is lighting the way to the future of workforce development for the maritime industry. We see a future where men and women who work to make our industry great will grow in knowledge and skill and be recognized for their professional development. We see a future that will provide a skilled workforce whose knowledge and skills are unparalleled to those in any other part of the world. And, we see a future that brings increased productivity, lower hiring and training costs, improved safety, and better retention of workers within our companies and our industry.
This is an important effort. The inaugural members of the NMEC have already started the development of shipfitting programs and we are on our way to realizing the future we envision. But we need your help. With your financial support and the support of your craft experts, you can play a key role in lighting the way to this future. Please commit to building a stronger maritime industry by supporting NMEC and the Lighthouse Campaign today.
John Lotshaw
Chair, National Maritime Education Council (NMEC) and Director, Workforce Training and
Development, Ingalls Shipbuilding