Embracing an
idea; investing in the future of an industry.

NMEC was established in March 2012.  The organization’s 12 founding members embraced the idea of a system that would train and assess craft workers for the maritime industry and invested their time and money to make it happen.  Because the initiative is funded by member dues, the group’s initial focus was creating awareness for the project and recruiting additional members.  In the last year, representatives of NMEC have presented at a number of meetings around the country.  NMEC membership has almost doubled in size; 8 new members have come on board since the group formed.

To date, NMEC is funding the Introduction to the Maritime Industry supplement to NCCER’s Core curriculum, the first two levels of Shipfitting curriculum along with an entry-level assessment, and the first two levels of Pipefitting.  As new members join the organization and more funds are available, plans are to complete the third and final level of Shipfitting and the last two levels of Pipefitting.  Journey-level assessments for both crafts also will be developed at that time.


Tier 1 Members

Companies employing over 2,000

Tier 2 Members

Companies employing 1,000-1,999

Ingalls Newport News


Tier 3 Members

Companies employing 500-599

  Tier 4 Members

Companies employing 250-499

American Maritime Holdings

  Continental Maritime

Tier  5 Members

Companies employing under 250


 Affiliate Members






VSRA Wesco