Issuing Portable Credentials…

Through NCCER’s National Registry, individuals are issued industry-recognized, portable credentials documenting successful completion of written assessments and performance verifications and giving employers a way to verify an individual’s knowledge and skill levels.

The National Registry is NCCER’s online credentialing and certification system.  It provides students and craft professionals with an industry-recognized, portable credential and documents for the employer the knowledge and skills levels that the individual has attained. Once a individual successfully completes a written assessment and/or performance verification through an NCCER accredited sponsor, it is tracked through this system.

NCCER defines the credentials it issues as follows:

  • Knowledge verified* for successful completion of the written assessment for a craft
  • Performance verified for successful completion of the performance verification for a craft
  • Certified plus for successful completion of both the written assessment and the corresponding performance verification

Visit the NCCER website for more information about this dynamic organization and their credentialing and certification program.