Partnering to transform the maritime industry.

NCCERIn 1991, 11 of the nation’s largest and most progressive contractors recognized the need to standardize training, certify instructors, and establish a national registry to track the credentials of craft workers. They tasked a small educational foundation to develop a White Paper outlining the policies and procedures for a national certification and accreditation program for this training. In 1995, after the policies were put in place and as many as five curricula were standardized, 125 Fortune 500 CEO’s established this small educational foundation as the National Center for construction Education and Research–better known as NCCER.

Today, this not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization has developed more than 60 standardized curricula titles, processed more than 6 million module completions in its National Registry, and accredited more than 700 institutions.

NCCER’s success at transforming a fragmented training industry into a standardized one has extended into the areas of pipeline, energy, and sustainability. With a proven track record and process model, NCCER is best poised to develop the maritime industry’s workforce development system and to serve as its accrediting body.  NCCER also drives a number of initiatives to enhance career development and recruitment efforts for the industries they represent.  Take a look at NCCER’s Build Your Future campaign for the Construction industry.