Developing Standardized Curricula…

NMEC is leading an effort, in partnership with NCCER, to develop the very first nationally recognized, standardized Maritime curricula. Skills sets common to specific production crafts do not vary much, neither should the curricula used to train craft professionals.

Having developed curricula for more than 60 craft areas along with a comprehensive series of over 70 assessments offered in more than 4,000 NCCER-accredited training and assessment locations across the country, NCCER is the obvious partner for this ambitious project. NCCER’s curricula is modularized and offers flexibility in that each task-oriented module can be used for specific task training at a company’s site, for remediation, or as part of a larger course of study like those offered through formal apprenticeship programs, high schools, and community colleges. With NCCERconnect, training is delivered online or in a blended learning environment that has both online and face-to-face components.

This project is not free; it is funded by NMEC member dues. To date, our organization has funded

  • An Introduction to the Maritime Industry module
  • The first two levels of Shipfitting and an entry-level assessment
  • The first two levels of Pipefitting

The Introduction to the Maritime Industry module, when combined with NCCER’s Core Curriculum, represents the Maritime Industry Fundamentals curriculum. It will serve as the prerequisite for more specific curricula related to the different maritime production crafts like shipfitting and pipefitting.

The Intro to the Maritime Industry module was released in the spring of 2013, and can be purchased separately or bundled with the Core curriculum.

Pipefitting, Levels 1 and 2 will be released in late summer and early fall. The first two levels of Shipfitting will release by the end of 2013.

We’re just getting started, and we have a lot of work to do. Join NMEC today and invest in the future of the maritime industry.