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A member-based organization committed to the development of an industry-driven, national workforce development system for the maritime industry.
  • Developing Standardized Curricula…

    NMEC is leading an effort, in partnership with NCCER, to develop the very first nationally recognized, standardized Maritime curricula. Skills sets common to specific production crafts do not vary much, neither should the curricula used to train craft professionals.

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    Developing Standardized Curricula…
  • Assessing Worker Skills…

    Working through NCCER, NMEC is developing formal written and performance-based assessments for production crafts so that individuals can prove what they know and what they can do, and employers can verify that applicants and/or their workforce have the skills needed to get the job done.

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    Assessing Worker Skills…
  • Issuing Portable Credentials…

    Through NCCER’s National Registry, individuals are issued industry-recognized, portable credentials documenting successful completion of written assessments and performance verifications and giving employers a way to verify an individual’s knowledge and skill levels.

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    Issuing Portable Credentials…

Our Workforce Solution

NMEC leverages the experience and success of the NCCER model used in other industries to develop and deliver a national Maritime Workforce Development System that includes standardized craft training processes and portable credentials.

Maritime Education Resources

Maritime Core--the prerequisite for all maritime craft curricula; Marine Pipefitting-Levels 1 & 2; and Structural Fitting-Levels 1 & 2 & 3 are now available. Structural Fitting journey-level assessment is slated for release Q2-2016. All titles may be purchased from NCCER's Bookstore.

Help Us Get There!

Funded primarily by member dues, NMEC membership is open to marine contractors including shipbuilders, ship repair yards, offshore companies, and skilled trade providers. Membership is also open to affiliates such as trade associations and suppliers and education/training providers. We can't do this alone, invest in the future of this vital industry.